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What and Who is a Liaison?

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What Is a GoMe Liaison?

This important job carries some responsibilities; an ideal liaison has good people skills, is reliable, and has a good working relationship with the Messengers and the sponsored Guild/Group. To aid in the dissemination of information, he or she should have a good knowledge of the workings of both groups, and ensure that news is brought to the attention of the correct people.

In addition to the above qualifications, a GoMe Liaison must be proactive in the community, and keep up to date with current affairs. There might even be occasions where the GoMe Liaison could be asked look out for inter-guild projects, or come up with some ideas him or herself, if both guilds/groups are in agreement about the project.

A GoMe Liaison is someone who would:

Have contact with the sponsored Guild’s own appointed Liaison(s) or contact(s), and sustain a good relationship with them. (Information need not always come from these contacts, but it is best practice to discuss news with these persons).

Post updates on the respective forums about Guild of Messengers activities, such as meetings, newsletter mailings. The types of postings may be selective for the sponsored Guild’s interests.

Keep an eye on the forums for feedback regarding the Messengers. This could include looking for postings from people who did not receive our newsletter mailings, for example. It could also include running polls about what the Messengers could do to better meet the needs of the community, and presenting the findings to our Guild.

Deliver any news or announcements from the sponsored Guild to our various messaging services.

(Most of all) just be there if or when a Messenger is needed.

Who are the Liaisons?


Nev’yn (GoMe)

Tai’lahr (GoMe)

Guild of Writers

Doobes (GoMe)

The Open Cave



Mister Magic

The Starry Expanse Project

Doobes (GoMe)

Guild of Linguists

Korov’ev (GoMe)


Doobes (GoMe)


The MYST Gallery



Guild of Greeters

Nev’yn (GoMe) – Guild on hiatus

Guild of Cartographers

Nalates (GM), Nev’yn (GoMe) – Guild on hiatus

Guild of Maintainers

Leonardo (GoMe) – Guild on hiatus


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